Fine Antique Picture Frames
Italian 17th and 18th Century
French 17th and 18th Century

The proven principle of our business is that the fullest enjoyment of pictures depends upon the quality of their presentation and conservation. The importance of framing is today becoming widely recogised. Much re-framing of the recent past is being evaluated and deemed inadequate. By the appropriate use of antique frames we share with clients the pleasure of displaying paintings to their greatest advantage, as well as the exploration of a long neglected field of the decorative arts.

Netherlandish and German 17th Century
Spanish 17th and 18th Century

Successful framing requires comprehensive choice, historical expertise and sound aesthetic judgement. Our inventory of Italian, Spanish, French, English, Netherlandish and German frames is unique for its breadth and variety, offering the most extensive choice for museums, collectors, dealers and auctioneers worldwide.

French 18th Century
English 17th and 18th Century


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