Frame Bibliography

This book list, ordered alphabetically by author, is an attempt to produce as definitive as possible a bibliography of picture frames.

It is a collation of various lists of works about, or which reference, frames, or which deal with related arts, crafts or makers. It is based on the bibliographies published in A history of European picture frames and Frameworks, both 1996, which include books and articles published up to that date.  It is also greatly indebted to the online bibliography of the National Portrait Gallery (Annotated Bibliography of Frame Publications: ), which lists works from 1996 by nationality & subject. Other bibliographies used include that of the Institut National du Patrimoine (INP), and of Persée, as well as those of individuals such as Richard Christie and Timothy Holton (q.v online).

Annie Ablett

Annie Ablett
'The frame: its purpose to protect' (two articles), in
The Picture Restorer, XVII
Spring 2000, pp. 13-16 and XVIII
Autumn 2000, pp. 9-11
'The frame: its purpose to enhance', in
The Picture Restorer, XXI
Spring 2002, pp. 9-12.

William Adair

The Frame in America 1700-1900: a survey of fabrication techniques & styles
Exh. cat., The American Institute of Architects Foundation, Washington
1983, 50 p. (illus. in b-&-w)

William Adair

'Picture framing II: Two exhibitions of American picture frames', in
Museum Management and Curatorship, IX
1990, pp. 318-22

William Adair

‘The American Empire Frame', in
Picture Framing Magazine, X
1999, August, pp. 108-17 (20 illus.)

William Adair

William Adair
‘Max Kuehne frames', in
Picture Framing Magazine, XII
2001, May, pp. 56-62 (6 illus.) 

Gerry Alabone

‘The Picture Frame: knowing its place’, in
Art, conservation & authenticities: material, concept, context
ed. Erma Hermens & Tina Fiske
2009, pp. 60-69

Gerry Alabone & Alastair Johnson

‘Introducing the Bloomsbury Frameworks Project’, in
David Harris Conservation Conference
2007, March, pp. 24-8

Giocondo Albertolli

Alcune decorazioni di nobili sale ed altri ornamenti
1787, 24 folios (24 plates)

Daniel Alcouffe

‘La fabrication des cadres au faubourg Saint-Antoine sous le règne de Louis XIV’, in
Curiosité: Études d'histoire de l'art en l'honneur d'Antoine Schnapper, ed. Olivier Bonfait,
Véronique Gerard Powell et Philippe Sénéchal
1998, pp. 125-30

Daniel Alcouffe

Les artisans décorateurs du bois au au faubourg Saint-Antoine sous le règne de Louis XIV d’apres les
minutes des notaires parisiens
2008, 316 p. (27 colour illus.)

Adriano Amendola

‘Frames for drawings in Roman collections: a case study’, in
Getty Research Journal, IV
2012, pp. 45-56 

John Anderson

‘Dip and strip, not quite but almost', in 
Gilding: approaches to treatment. A joint conference of English Heritage & the UK Institute
for Conservation, September 2000
English Heritage
2001, pp. 59-66 (6 illus.)

Ángel Aterido, Diego Blanca Robas & José Juan Pérez Preciado

‘Los marcos de las pinturas de la Granja de San Ildefonso’, in
Inventarios reales: colecciones de pinturas de Felipe V e Isabel Farnesio, by
Ángel Aterido et al.
Fundación de Apoyo a la Historia del Arte Hispánico, Madrid
2004, 2 vols, I, pp. 367-426 (some illus.)

Reinier Baarsen

'Herman Doomer, ebony worker in Amsterdam', in
The Burlington Magazine, CXXXVIII
1996, pp. 739-49 (illus.)

Hubert Baija

'Gilding in The Dutch Golden Age', in
Painting Techniques. History, Materials and Studio Practice. Summaries of the Posters at the Dublin
, 7-11 September 1998
International Institute for Conservation,
1998, unpaginated

Hubert Baija

‘Een nieuwe lijst voor de Heilige Maagschap', in
Bulletin Van Het Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, LI, no.2
2003, pp. 139-44 (10 illus.)

Hubert Baija

‘Original gilding in Auricular frames: unusual gilding techniques practised in Holland,
1640s-1670s’, in
Art Matters: Netherlands Technical Studies in Art, vol. III
2005, pp. 9-19.

W.H. Bailey

Defining edges: a new look at picture frames,
New York (Harry N. Abrams Inc)
2002, 136 p. (65 colour & 30 b-&w illus.)

Christopher Baker

'Filippo Lauri's Rape of Europa'
Apollo, vol. CXLIX
1999, June, pp. 19-24.

Christopher Baker

‘The Prince, his tutor, & a rare portrait print: William Markham by James Heath’, in
British Art Journal, II, no 3
2001, pp. 36-38 (4 illus.)

Christopher Baker

‘Framing Fox-Strangways', in
Journal of the History of Collections, XVII,1
2005, pp. 73-84 (19 illus.)

R. Baldi, G. Gualberto Lisini, C. & S. Martelli

La cornice fiorentina e senese: storia e tecniche di restauro
Florence (Alinea)
1992, 240 p. (illus.)

Carl Barkman

‘... med glas och förgyld bildhuggeriram', in
Merit Laine, Carolina Brown & Carl Barkman
Gustaf Lundberg, 1695-1786: En porträttmålare och hans tid
Abbreviated English text
National Museum of Stockholm
2006, pp. 226-33

David L. Barquist

‘The whole lustre of gold: framing and displaying power at the chamber of commerce’, in
Karl Kusserow, Picturing power: portraiture and its uses in the New York Chamber of Commerce
New York
2011, pp. 275-318, (illus.)

Claire Barry

Swimming by Thomas Eakins: its construction, condition, & restoration', in
Thomas Eakins and the Swimming Picture, ed. Doreen Bolger & Sarah Cash
Exh. cat., Amon Carter Museum, Texas
1996, pp. 111-16

Christian Baulez

‘Souvenirs of an embassy: the Comte d’Adhémar in London, 1783-87’, in 
The Burlington Magazine, CLI
June 2009, pp. 372-81 (illus.)

Germain Bazin

‘Réaménagement du Musée du Jeu de Paume’
Museum, vol. 24
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Germain Bazin

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Geoffrey Beard

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Apollo, LXXXV
1967, pp. 266-77

Geoffrey Beard

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Geoffrey Beard

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Geoffrey Beard & Christopher Gilbert (ed.)

Dictionary of English Furniture Makers 1660-1840
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Edwin Becker

‘White, blue & gold’, in
In Perfect Harmony: Picture + Frame 1850-1920
Exh. cat., Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum Van Gogh
1995 (illus.)

Nancy Bell (ed.)

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Institute of Paper Conservation: A conference, June 1996
Leigh, Worcester
1997 (68 illus.)

Hugh Belsey

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Mary Bennett

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Liverpool Bulletin, XIII
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Ségolène Bergeon-Langle et al.

‘La peinture mobile et son cadre, in
Préserver les objets de son patrimoine
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Henrik Bjerre, with Mogens Bencard et al.

Rammens kunst
Transl. by Jeremy Watts as
Frames: state of the art
Exh. cat., Statens Museum for Kunst, Copenhagen
2008, pp. 247 (fully illus.)

Jacques-François Blondel

Cours d’architecture, ou Traité de la décoration…, 6 vols
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Elfried Bock

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Mark Bockrath

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Cecelia Beaux: American figure painter
Sylvia Yount, Kevin Sharp & Nina Auerbach
Exh. cat., Atlanta High Museum of Art & University of California
2007, pp. 85-102

Wilhelm von Bode

‘Bilderrahmen in alter und neuer Zeit’, in
Pan, IV
1898-99, pp. 243-56

Peter Booth

‘The Tate’s approach to conservation framing’, in
The picture restorer, X
1996, pp. 18-19 (2 illus.)

Oliver Bradbury & Nicholas Penny

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The Burlington Magazine, CXLIV
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Henri Bresler

‘Supports et cadres’
Musée: temple et forum
Archicrée, Paris
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Richard R. Brettell & Steven Starling

The Art of the Edge: European Frames, 1300-1900
Exh. cat., Chicago, Art Institute
1986, 124 p. (illus. in colour & b-&-w)

Judith Bronkhurst

William Holman Hunt: A Catalogue Raisonné
Yale University Press, New Haven and London
2006, 2 vols (see vol. 2 for frames)

Jonathan Brown

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Imagenes e ideas en la pintura español del siglo XVII
1980, pp.143-77

Umberto Brunello Ramacciotti

L’artigianato fiorentino del legno nel suo valore storico e nella sua attuale dimensione
Firenze, CoEd
1983, 158 p. (illus.)

Gaetano Brunetti

Sixty different sorts of ornaments…
1736 (62 plates)

Véronique Büchen & Griet Steyaert

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Exh. cat., Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels
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Christian Burchard

'Historischen Bilderrahmen, Sprache der Ornamente: Beispiele aus der Sammlung
Pfefferle, München', in
Barockberichte: Informationsblätter des Salzburger Barockmuseums zur bildenden Kunst des 17. und 18.
1999, pp. 397-412 (illus.)

Stanley Burns

Forgotten Marriage: The Painted Tintype & the Decorative Frame 1860-1910
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Mary Bustin

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David Buttery

‘The Picture Frames of Paul Petit and Frederick, Prince of Wales’, in
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Cadres en l’Aire

Exh. cat., Galerie d’art et d’essai de l’Université de Rennes

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Isabelle Cahn

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Anthea Callen

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The Art of Impressionism: Painting technique & the making of modernity, Anthea Callen
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Ellen Callmann

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Monika Cämmerer-Georges

Monika Cämmerer-Georges
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Peter Cannon-Brookes

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Peter Cannon-Brookes

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Peter Cannon-Brookes

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Younger’, in
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Peter Cannon-Brookes

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light of the 1994–95 Whistler exhibitions’, in
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Peter Cannon-Brookes

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Peter Cannon-Brookes

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Peter Cannon-Brookes

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Peter Cannon-Brookes

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Peter Cannon-Brookes

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Peter Cannon-Brookes

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Museum Management and Curatorship, XVII, no. 4
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Eli Wilner

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Eli Wilner

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Eli Wilner

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Eli Wilner

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Eli Wilner

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Milan, 1996, pp. 149


The website of the National Portrait Gallery, London
[] provides wide ranging information on current research and events, together with an annotated bibliography of frame publications from 1995 – today.

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