Paul Mitchell Ltd is a long established family firm, with a gallery in London, specialising in the framing of Old and Modern Master paintings and drawings

They have provided frames for many of the world’s most iconic artworks, examples of which can be viewed under ‘Distinguished pictures framed

Paul Mitchell’s client’s comprise museums, private collectors, dealers, auctioneers and art agents worldwide

The company have an extensive inventory of European antique frames, ranging from 15th -20th Century
These include the principal frame styles of Renaissance, Mannerist, Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical periods as well as 19th century revival patterns and Artist’s frames


In conjunction with past records, these provide clients with a broad selection from which they can choose an antique frame or commission a handmade replica frame


Availability or size may restrict the use of antique frames. In this instance Paul Mitchell’s expert carvers and gilders can create the highest quality replica frames of all periods and finishes

Paul Mitchell also provides frame appraisals for individual works and collections as well as frame surveys

The latter has included The National Gallery of Art, Washington, Yale Center for British Art and The Royal Academy of Arts

Paul Mitchell Ltd’s unique photographic archive is also a key resource and the foundation for their two major publications and several studies on frame history

The company is a member of The British Antique Dealer’s Association and a partner of 'Sotheby’s Preferred’

Latest News

The evolution of frames and their relationship to architecture, PART 1

With the help of the Paul Mitchell Photographic Archive, our two part essay explores the evolution of frames and their relationship to their architectural context, through time and across nationalities. Part 1 starts with their appearance in Egypt 3,500 years ago as the borders on wall paintings, and finishes with their opulence in France during the reign of Louis XIV.


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