Our Handmade Replica Frames

Availability or size may restrict the use of antique frames. In our workshops close to London, using traditional techniques we make frames to any specification, as well as altering and restoring antique frames. Our expert carvers, gilders and cabinet-makers create the highest quality replica frames of all periods and finishes - from the simplest to the most ornamental. The widest possible resource of models and patterns is provided by our current inventory, records of past stock and photographic archive.

Case study A: Making a hand-carved replica of a rare Florentine 16th century Mannerist frame from a period original for "Madonna and Child" by Andrea del Sarto

Case study B: Making a hand-carved replica of a Venetian 18th century frame from a period original for "A view in Venice" by Canaletto

Examples of high quality handmade replicas adjacent to antique models

Rare 17th century Italian casseta frame with oil gilded arabesques and marbling on black tempera

French 19th century Orientalist frame in moulded plaster of Paris, watergilded

British 19th century Orientalist frame with moulded Moresque decoration in frieze and borders

Fine 18th century Italian carved and water-gilded neoclassical frame, before and after gilding

Framemaking process from a handmade replica of a French late 18th century Neo-classical frame.

Process involves making the carcass by planing and spindle moulding; hand carving of beading; application of gesso, then fixing of moulded inner leaf and outer guilloche ornaments: application of yellow followed by red bole; watergilding with 22 carat gold leaf; burnishing, toning and patinating to match original.

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