Reframing Zurbarán, The Battle between Christians & Moors at El Sotillo, Metropolitan Museum, New York

Posted: 10 Jun 2024 by PML

The large arched painting of the Battle between Christians and Moors at El Sotillo in the Met Museum was only one part of an immense altarpiece, about 15 metres high, painted by Zurbarán in 1637-39 for a Carthusian monastery near Cádiz ...


Reframing JUAN DE VALDÉS LEAL The Conversion and Baptism of St. Augustine by St. Ambrose, Saint Louis Art Museum

Posted: 22 Feb 2024 by PML

The project to reframe this painting by one of the great 17th century Spanish masters was very exciting, since it required the design to incorporate a sense of the piety, symbolism and Catholic splendour of the original setting. This is one panel from a set of seven canvases which surrounded an altarpiece of the Madonna and Child by Murillo in the private oratory of the Archbishop of Seville, in southern Spain ...


Reframing GHIRLANDAIO Madonna & Child

Posted: 28 Nov 2023 by PML

The National Gallery possesses a particularly tender and moving painting of the Madonna and Child by Ghirlandaio. It has a curved, segmental top, and an integral painted trompe l’oeil border giving the effect of the inside of the arched niche in which the two figures stand, which has made it difficult to frame – even in an arched version of a conventional frame ...


Reframing VAN GOGH, Madam Roulin rocking the cradle (La Berceuse), Art Institute of Chicago

Posted: 14 Sep 2023 by PML

Van Gogh painted Madame Roulin, the wife of his friend Joseph Roulin, a postman in Arles, as a kind of secular Madonna - a symbol of family love and security. He even presented it to Gauguin after their destructive breach, asking that it should be hung as part of a triptych, between two paintings of sunflowers ...


Reframing FRANZ ANTON MAULBERTSCH (attributed), study for The Presentation of Christ in the Temple, Cleveland Museum of Art

Posted: 04 May 2023 by PML

Franz Maulbertsch (1724-96) was a Viennese artist whose work was sought after for castles and churches across the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He had been particularly influenced by Venetian Rococo painting, and his wall, ceiling and easel paintings are all infused with the airy lightness of Tiepolo and Piazzetta ...


Re-framing Cardinal Maria Borghese

Posted: 08 Feb 2023 by PML

A painting is a window onto another world – of history or of the imagination - and we can only enter this world completely if there is a context to ease us in, and nothing to distract from the welcome of that opening window ...


The evolution of frames and their relationship to architecture, PART 2

Posted: 25 Jun 2020 by PML

The second part of this essay continues to explore the evolution of frames and their relationship to their architectural surroundings, resuming with the Baroque style in Britain during the 18th century up to the Art Deco style in the 20th century ...


The evolution of frames and their relationship to architecture, PART 1

Posted: 31 Mar 2020 by PML

With the help of the Paul Mitchell Photographic Archive, our two part essay explores the evolution of frames and their relationship to their architectural context, through time and across nationalities. Part 1 starts with their appearance in Egypt 3,500 years ago as the borders on wall paintings, and finishes with their opulence in France during the reign of Louis XIV.


FRAMING GAUGUIN: A short essay exploring the various frame styles chosen for works by Gauguin

Posted: 12 Nov 2019 by PML

Unlike Degas, a number of whose original frames have survived on the paintings they were made for, and whose sketchbooks containing profiles ...


Reframing PICASSO's Femme au béret et à la robe quadrillée (Marie-Thérèse Walter) (1937) for Sotheby's Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale

Posted: 28 Feb 2018 by PML

Paul Mitchell were pleased to offer a rare 19th century French Louis XV revival frame for the the star lot in Sotheby’s Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale on the 28th February 2018

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